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Jumping for Joy

This past spring, we went for a trampoline after a miserable pool attempt the year prior. I researched safety, took price into account, and we ended up with one of the best investments in our parenting years thus far! Our Skywalker Trampoline is large and sturdy, and has brought family and friends hours of fun — watching trampoline routines, staring up at the clouds, or just bouncing like mad. 

Today we practiced jumping jacks (harder than it sounds!) and jumping high. Then we moved onto forward flips… I’ve had a bit of failure with the flip and I’ve had many failed attempts of late. The first time I tried it months ago, I did it. And, then thereafter I chickened out or somehow contorted my body sideways and would end up with, at best, a half-flip.

My kids are flipping machines – it’s so fun to watch! I asked them to help me this go-around and each time, they cheered for “Ms. Johnson” (we were playing school). There were lots of whoops and hollers and count downs. After a handful of tries, I got it — and then it was like riding a bike. Soon after, I was trying to land on my feet to chants of “stick it, stick it, stick it.”  Again after a few tries, I got it. Without them I couldn’t get past my mental block, until the kids opened me up to their contagious enthusiasm.  It’s amazing what heartfelt cheer can do for the physical act as well as the spirit. Thank you, my little darlings for sharing your joy, determination, and sense of wonder. Ms. Johnson loves you muchos!  

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