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The Bingo-Loving Babe that Ran Away

Well… it happened. She ran away for the first time. 7 years old, and not so sure it will be the last. Our little bingo-playing gal just wasn’t ready to miss out on this week’s big-time affair at the Legion. 

My heart aches for her, but I know she’s learning about life, disappointment, joy, struggle, about others and most importantly, about herself. She is headstrong, funny, beautiful, creative, stubborn. And oh my goodness, how the love flows out of her in exuberant ways! We spoil her with freedom, but how can you harness a free spirit — and why would you want to?! 

Parents are faced with expectations about too much, too little, never enough, always too much. In the end, it’s a highly individualized decision with uncertain outcomes. All we can do is try to do the best we can for these amazing people we love so. Although, even love doesn’t hide or lessen the frustrations and it doesn’t erase the questions or doubts we have about ourselves, our kids, our future. Yet we still strive with purpose by holding on to moments and staying poised to share what we’ve learned about things, hoping it helps others in some teeny, tiny way. Just as we’ve learned so much from others and ourselves through many teeny, tiny moments.   

We’ve called a family meeting, our first. I’m looking forward to hearing what the kids want to gain and learn from our family. And, I look forward to thinking more deeply and creatively about what I want to gain and learn from our family.

Today’s message to Cooper and Greta: You have amazing, beautiful gifts and I can’t wait to see how you identify these and choose to give to yourself and others — each on your own, perfect timeline.
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